It’s Johnny’s Birthday! Happy 80th, John Lennon

9 October 2020

To celebrate John Lennon’s 80th Birthday here’s a brand new animated video for the George track, ‘It’s Johnny’s Birthday’, which appeared on the ‘Apple Jam’ portion of the ‘All Things Must Pass’ triple album.

John was in one room at Abbey Road Studio recording new songs for what would become ‘John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band’, while in another room George was mixing tracks for what was soon to be ‘All Things Must Pass’. George invited John (and Ringo) over to the mix room to present ‘It’s Johnny’s Birthday’. The song features George, Mal Evans and engineer Eddie Klein performing a variation of the Martin and Coulter song ‘Congratulations’.

Click here – – to listen to the ‘It’s Johnny’s Birthday’ Spotify Playlist

Animation by Spencer Ramsey.

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