A Garden for George

19 May 2008

‘From Life To Life, A Garden For George’

The Chelsea Flower Show, May 20th – 24th

One of the highlights of this year’s Chelsea Flower Show is sure to be ‘From Life To Life, A Garden For George’, a tribute to the late George Harrison, designed by Yvonne Innes in collaboration with Olivia Harrison and sponsored by The Material World Charitable Foundation.

As a celebration of his life, music and philosophy, ‘From Life To Life, A Garden For George’ depicts George Harrison’s journey from the material to spiritual world. George himself was an immensely talented and passionate gardener.

His life is depicted in four ascending tiers, linked by a Venetian smalti glass mosaic path created by renowned artist Brian Clarke.

Founded by George Harrison, The Material World Charitable Foundation was established in 1973. the foundation aims to encourage the exploration of alternate and diverse forms of artistic expression, life views and philosophies as well as a way to support established charities and people with special needs.

Site number: RHW31
Designer: Yvonne Innes
Contractor: Hillier Landscapes
Sponsor: The Material World Charitable Foundation

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