Wilburys 2nd Edition and Vinyl Box Set

31 July 2007

Following Chart-Topping Sales Success And Overwhelming Demand, Rhino To Release Vinyl Box Set And Second Edition Deluxe Sets Of “The Traveling Wilburys Collection”

Remastered and Expanded Collectible Package Features Unreleased Bonus Tracks and bonus DVD featuring a 24-minute documentary including unseen footage of The Wilburys.

Vinyl Box Set Includes A Previously Unreleased Version of “Not Alone Anymore”

Available November 20, 2007

Nearly twenty years after the creation of the band, and over a decade since the music was last available to fans, the music of The Traveling Wilburys was reissued in June worldwide as The Traveling Wilburys Collection. The reissue debuted at #1 in 5 countries globally, was at #9 on the U.S. Billboard Top 200 charts, and was the #1 Digital Download in its first week of release. The release remains in the Top 5 on the UK charts after seven weeks. The collection has gone Platinum in 5 countries and Gold in two countries and is still maintaining strong chart positions around the globe. The Deluxe Edition package sold out within minutes of release and Rhino Entertainment announced today, that due to this overwhelming demand and fan requests, a Second Edition will be made available again on November 20, 2007.

The previously released albums Traveling Wilburys Volume 1 and Traveling Wilburys Volume 3 feature inarguably some of music’s greatest singer-songwriters – George Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and Bob Dylan – as the iconic band The Traveling Wilburys. Both CDs, combined into one release, The Traveling Wilburys Collection, feature bonus tracks of rare and newly mixed previously unreleased music along with a DVD featuring a 24-minute documentary showing unseen footage of the Wilburys and their five video clips.

The Traveling Wilburys collectible packages are available in four configurations. Each configuration is a remarkable commemoration of this unique group.

* Available November 20, 2007 – Second Edition Deluxe Set – Linen-bound deluxe edition features 2 CDs (Volumes 1 and 3) with bonus tracks, bonus DVD, and a 40-page collectible book with photos, original liner notes, new liner notes and a uniquely numbered certificate of authenticity.

* Available November 20, 2007 — Vinyl Edition – Features 2 vinyl releases of the original Volumes 1 and 3 with an additional 12-inch featuring bonus tracks, a collectible album-sized book, plus additional vintage postcards and posters.

* CURRENTLY AVAILABLE — Standard Package – Features 2 CDs (Volumes 1 and 3) with bonus tracks, bonus DVD of content and a 16-page collectible book.

* CURRENTLY AVAILABLE — Digital Edition Bundle – Features downloadable editions of both CDs (Volumes 1 and 3) with bonus tracks, video content and an interactive booklet.

“The Wilbury Deluxe Edition sold out so quickly that it caught us by surprise. We heard from so many disappointed fans it seemed the only fair thing to do was to make a second edition,” said Olivia Harrison.

In trying to explain how the Wilburys originally came together, George Harrison once said, “The thing about the Wilburys for me is – if we’d tried to plan it, or if anybody had said, let’s form this band and get these people in it – it would never happen, it’s impossible. It happened completely, just by magic, just by circumstance. Maybe there was a full moon that night or something like that. It was quite a magical little thing really.”

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