The Traveling Wilburys Limited-Edition Book

11 November 2009

The Traveling Wilburys chronicles the adventures of Nelson, Otis, Lucky, Lefty and Charlie, in their own words and through hundreds of unseen photographs, Polaroids, drawings, log book entries and handwritten lyric sheets.

Genesis are the creators of classic books such as I Me Mine and Concert For George, and The Traveling Wilburys has been many years in the making. The result is an inside look at how five great singers, songwriters and musicians joined together in a series of kitchens and living rooms to write two albums of unforgettable songs.

Photography & Artwork
For the first time, hundreds of unseen photographs, Polaroids by the band themselves, drawings, log-book entries and handwritten lyric sheets will be published. Individual notes and lyrics are hand-pasted onto and between pages, as facsimile reproductions.

The band tell their tale in their own words, with the occasional help of drummer Jim Keltner and others. Band-member and co-producer Clayton Wilbury (aka Jeff Lynne) provides the Foreword and has hand-signed every book. There will be only 3,000 copies worldwide.

Fine Bindings (Updated March 5, 2010)
Genesis has created books for authors ranging from The Beatles to Buckingham Palace. Each numbered and signed book is carefully finished by hand, using traditional bookmaking crafts. The Traveling Wilburys is fine-screen printed using different art papers and varnishes.

The Traveling Wilburys is a fine-bound book published in a numbered, limited edition of 3,000 copies, each hand-signed by Jeff Lynne and presented in a cloth-bound slipcase. Each book is accompanied with a uniquely numbered lithograph of the lyrics to “Handle With Care,” handwritten by George Harrison and available exclusively with the book. (£225)

The Deluxe Limited Edition version (£375), which was available through pre-orders is SOLD OUT.

It was an idea shared by George Harrison and Genesis, many years ago, to create The Traveling Wilburys— the limited edition chronicle of the band’s adventures. It is only right that you are one of the very first to know. We hope you enjoy it!

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