Shepard Fairey Announces Limited-Edition Concert For Bangladesh Art Print

1 August 2011

UPDATE – August 17, 2011 – Due to enormous popular demand of Shepard Fairey’s “Friendship & Support” art print, his George Harrison and Concert For Bangladesh-inspired piece is being offered in a second colorway. “Friendship & Support – Gold” is released Tuesday, August 23. Each screen print is signed and numbered, and benefits the George Harrison Fund for UNICEF.

Shepard Fairey has announced a limited-edition art print celebrating the 40th anniversary of George Harrison’s Concert for Bangladesh.

The work, titled “Friendship and Support,” will be available on August 8, and supports the George Harrison Fund for UNICEF’s work with children affected by the famine in Africa.

“George Harrison has been an inspiration to me and musicians across the world. I love the Beatles, and George’s album All Things Must Pass is one of my all-time favorites. What I also love about George is his political consciousness because I’m a passionate believer in using creativity for social good.

“In 1971, George’s friend Ravi Shankar asked him to help the children of Bangladesh. George took action by hosting The Concert for Bangladesh in support of UNICEF. I have created an art print that celebrates George Harrison and The Concert For Bangladesh. I am proud to join the anniversary celebration and honor George’s legacy by supporting the George Harrison Fund for UNICEF.”

-Shepard Fairey

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