‘What is Life’ Winner Announced

28 November 2014

Congratulations to Brandon Moore from the United States whose video was chosen by Olivia & Dhani Harrison as the overall winner of the ‘What is Life’ Competition!

We were totally surprised and delighted by this video and it was a clear favourite for both of us. The dancer really expressed unbounded joy, and managed to capture the spirit of “What is Life” through movement, which the director captured beautifully. Thank you to each and every filmmaker for all of their time, effort and care, and above all their love for George and his music which is evident in all of these videos – it has been a real pleasure to watch them!
Olivia & Dhani Harrison

Watch Brandon’s winning video here:

Congratulations to the other 4 finalists as well, also selected by Oliviai & Dhani:
Álvaro Ortega from Spain
Carlos Boellinger from the United Kingdom: watch
Nicolas Hauser and Christophe Rouag from France: watch
Henry Sorren from Taiwan: watch

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