All Things Must Pass 50th Anniversary Wins “Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package” Grammy Award

25 April 2022

George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass: 50th Anniversary” has won the Grammy for “Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package”, Darren Evans, Dhani Harrison & Olivia Harrison art directors, at the 64th Annual Academy Awards.

Accepting the award at the ceremony, Olivia Harrison said of the win: “Congratulations to Dhani Harrison for driving the re-issue. Paul Hicks for re-mixing 70 tracks and to the entire team for their love and hard work. To George for giving us the opportunity to revel in your music which is full of hope, compassion and rock and roll.”

Dhani Harrison added: “Congratulations to our team!! Paul Hicks, David Zonshine, Marc Sallis, Spencer Ramsey, Richard Radford, Don Fleming, Rachel Cooper and above all George and Olivia Harrison for bringing your love of ‘All Things Must Pass’ to life with this Grammy Winning box set! Thank you to all our friends at Universal for letting us go big!”

Check out all editions of the boxset HERE.

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