Wilburys Streaming Event Honors Father’s Day

On Father’s Day, four years ago this week, The Traveling Wilburys boxed set, Collection, stormed the worldwide album charts. The Collection includes an exquisite documentary entitled, “The True History Of The Traveling Wilburys,” featuring previously unreleased footage of half-brothers Lucky, Otis, Charlie T. Jnr., Lefty and Nelson Wilbury.

In honor of The Wilburys, their father, Charles Truscott Wilbury, and fathers everywhere, please enjoy a free 24-hour stream of “The True History Of The Traveling Wilburys” this Father’s Day — Sunday, June 19th.

Visit on Sunday, June 19 Programme begins at 8am GMT*

(*7pm Sydney, 5pm Tokyo, 1:30pm Mumbai, 11am Moscow, 10am Johannesburg, 8am London, 5am São Paulo, 3am New York, Midnight Los Angeles)

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