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Material World Charitable Foundation

The release of George’s 1973 album entitled Living in the Material World coincided with the creation of his own charitable foundation. The royalties of that album, including single Give Me Love, were donated by George, in perpetuity, to the Material World Charitable Foundation.

George established the Foundation to encourage the exploration of alternate and diverse forms of artistic expression, life views and philosophies as well as a way to support established charities and people with special needs. In the autumn of 1973, the first project of the foundation was the Ravi Shankar Music Festival, which brought together renowned Indian classical musicians to perform and record compositions especially created by Ravi Shankar.

In the thirty years since it’s inception, the Material World Charitable Foundation has supported hundreds of individuals and organizations with considerations to those with special needs. The Foundation in some cases has literally transformed people’s lives and in others has mad life more bearable in the face of extreme suffering and adversity.

Since George passed on from this Material World, his charitable work continues. In response to an outpouring of emotion by fans and friends My Sweet Lord was re-released in 2002. The profits from that single benefited: Medicins san Frontieres, Great Ormond Street Hospital, Macmillan Nurses, National Deaf Children’s Society, NSPCC and others.

Proceeds from the Concert for George DVD and CD are donated to the Material World Foundation. It was George’s wish that his music and legacy should carry on supporting the Material World Foundation and in turn help others.

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